Welcome to the First Clinic Andrés Iniesta, a project conceived with the thrill for sharing with all of you all that I have learned along my professional career since the very beginning.

Passion for football and enjoying the game are the only ‘must haves’ in order to be able to enroll in this experience, tailored for boys and girls that are from 6 to 12 years old who have the will to improve and develop new skills while having a great time practicing sports.

Andrés Iniesta

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This year, AS A GREAT NOVELTY, we launch the AI.8 Clinics!!

This method’s fundamentals are Andrés Iniesta’s personal experience plus a development by a team of coaches used to work on training football. Kids will enjoy practicing their favourite sport while making new frieds on an unforgettable experience.

They will learn and have fun while they discover Andrés Iniesta’s values, very important both inside and outside the football field.

Even though Andrés Iniesta won’t be full time at the Clinic due to professional and sports commitments, all participants will get:

There will also be raffles for Shirts and football boots signed by Andrés Iniesta as well as other gifts from official sponsors.

Age Range:
Boys and girls between 6 and 12 years old.

From December the 27th to December the 30th.

Two small groups: 25 kids per shift

Mornings: from 9.30am to 1pm

Afternoons: from 4pm to 7:30pm



Sportive Objectives:
Develop talent and work on the basic football principles as well as technical and tactical elements both individual and collective in a natural way.

Participate in the integral formation of the child developing physical, moral and intellectual aspects.

Promote enjoyment over results and performance.

Educational Objectives:
Learn to coexist, foment team building and team spirit with the aim to develop in the child a participative, proactive and socializing attitude being football the main vehicle to achieve it.

Use sport  as a tool for the transmission of the values needed to take part on any sport team in order to provide the participants behavorial habits and patterns of conduct based on respect, integration, coexistence and friendship.  

Health Objectives:
​Develop a healthy lifestyle so that physical activity and healthy habits become an everyday custom.



The Campus includes two daily training sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon with Graduated coaches and internally formed under the criteria of the Andres Iniesta 8 Method. At midday, the kids will have manuallities session with the recreational monitors.

The work will b edone in reduced groups of 12-15 students with the aim that participants assimilate the basics of the game that characterizes Andrés and all his way of playing. The training level applied by the management of the Academy will respond to the four general principles of AI-8 Method:

The positional game: Understanding the game of position allow us to develop the ability to anticipate situations and optimal management of space-time as key to the formation of a smart player.

Possession of the ball: Allowes to develop the capacity to receive, hold and pass the ball, keeping control without loss and generating advantage over the game.

Pressure to Possessor: "Owner of the ball = Owner of the game", answers the mental capacity to react to the change of "role" attack-defense-attack by pressing for the loss as a determining factor of success.

Game Progression: We can develop the ability to eliminate opponents and get ahead to create situations to shoot, either in the quick ball passing between attackers or by individual skills.

Each of the General Principales of the AI-8 method, outlined above, will be broken down methodologically in order to meet three ways of learning:

Individual capacities: Provide tools to consolidate a correct decision making process and precise execution of the response generated. 

The concept of the game: Increase the understanding of the game by the student with the objective of assimilating the basics of the method.

The Game System: Induce the transfer of individual abilities of the player and his playing approach to the competitive reality, ie, the specific work done in "their" position in the field and interaction with peers within a defined tactical structure.

Monday to Thursday: 09 to 18h. (Arrival at 08.30h)
Friday: 09 to 17.30h.



You can already sign up for the Andrés Iniesta Clinics! The price for the Clinic sessions will be 200€ and will include:

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For more information about registering and signing up please contact the professionals in charge of the Clinic using this email address:







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